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Home buying made easy

Hyponia Homes offers an easy to follow step-by-step guide through the home buying process and connections to top-rated professionals, from mortgage brokers to movers.

The real estate platform that makes home buying pain-free and puts you in control

Everything you need for a successful home purchase

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Step by step guide

Software to guide you through the process with tips and advice, saving you time, hassle and money

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Find professionals

From mortgage brokers to movers and everything in between, easily request quotes from top rated professionals at every step

Various reports and analytics

Home and area reports

Comprehensive analytics reports and future projections on properties and neighborhoods, enabling you to make more informed decisions

How it works

Step 1

Whether you are just thinking about buying a home or have already made an offer, signup for a free account.

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Step 2

Our software gives you a step-by-step visual timeline of the process with advice and tips, enabling you to understand what's involved, track your progress and plan ahead.

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Step 3

A successful home purchase requires assistance from a long list of experts: mortgage brokers, real estate agents, attorneys, home inspectors, insurance brokers, movers and more. Request and compare quotes from top-rated professionals in our built-in marketplace.

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Step 4

Close on your new home.

A home has been bought!

What our users love

House and dollars

Step By Step Guidance

A step-by-step visual guide of your home purchase with tips and advice, allowing you to easily and quickly understand the home buying process from start to finish, plan ahead and make better decisions.

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Request and Compare quotes

Easily request and compare quotes from top rated professionals for every step of the process. From mortgages to home insurance, no need to give out the same information over and over again.

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Free Reports

Property and area reports including estimated valuation report, comparable sales analysis, market trends, future value and area projections, property construction and renovation history, statistics on demographics / crime / unemployment, risk analysis, flood zones, and more.

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Single Point Contact

Receive updates, exchange documents and communicate with all professionals on one platform - no more endless email threads and lost documents.

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World Class Service

The professionals on our marketplace have many years of experience and are considered top of their field. You are in good hands!

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Instant Pre-Approval

Get pre-approved for a mortgage right away so you can be confident in your search and sellers will take you seriously.

Frequently asked questions

What is Hyponia Homes?+
Hyponia Homes is an online platform that makes purchasing real estate easier and more efficient. We offer you everything you need in one place:
  1. Interactive software designed specifically for real estate transactions that gives you a step-by-step visual timeline of the process with advice and tips, enabling you to understand what's involved and plan ahead.
  2. A built-in marketplace where you can connect with top rated professionals needed throughout the purchase of your home.
  3. Reports and statistics on properties and areas giving you a more detailed picture of properties you may be considering.
Who should use Hyponia Homes?+
Anyone who is considering purchasing a home or is already in the process of buying a home will benefit greatly from using Hyponia. Our mission is to take the pain out of the home buying process, empowering everyone with the confidence and tools they need to purchase real estate.
I’m already halfway into the process of buying a home, can I still sign up?+
Yes, even if you’ve already kicked off the process of buying your home, or have even hired an attorney or agent or made an offer you can still sign up and take advantage of the benefits offered by Hyponia for a pain-free buyer experience.
How much does Hyponia cost for home buyers?+
The good news is that currently our service is absolutely free for home buyers. You will not be asked to pay for any of the services offered on our platform.
What types of professionals can I find on Hyponia?+
On Hyponia you’re within easy reach of all the professional services you need throughout your purchase. This includes mortgage professionals, real estate agents, attorneys, home inspectors, home insurance brokers, and even movers.
How do I connect with the right professionals on Hyponia?+
Our built-in marketplace simplifies this typically painful process, allowing you to connect with the top-rated professionals in your area in one place and without giving out the same information over and over again.
How do you ensure the professionals who are listed on Hyponia are reliable?+
All professionals on Hyponia have been thoroughly vetted before they get activated on our site. The professionals on our marketplace have many years of experience and are considered top of their field.
What data is included on the home and area reports?+
We receive property data from a multitude of sources such as real estate data vendors, state and county sites, public records etc. We then also run our own comprehensive analytics to create more enhanced reports. The data included is listed below:
  • Estimated Valuation Report
  • Comparable Sales Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Future Value and Area Projections
  • Home Construction and Renovation History
  • Statistics on demographics, crime, unemployment
  • Seller Details
  • Home Equity Information
  • Mortgage History
  • Flood zones and more
A large portion of the reporting part of our platform is currently being redesigned and is due for release later this year.
What are your rules with regards to the privacy of my data?+
You can rest assured that all the personal data you provide will remain private and will not be used for any other purposes. We take all the necessary precautions to never sell or give your data to anyone. Unlike other platforms, we will never match you automatically with real estate professionals or other third parties and share your personal data with them, unless instructed to do so by you.
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